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About Myself


Twitter: @richsad

LinkedIn: richsadowsky


Technology: Passionate agent of disruptive, emerging technology. My hobby is also my job!

Dogs: former Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy raiser, dog lover. Daddy to little Bella. RIP sweet Amiga.

Guitars:, Fender Tele Custom Shop, Seagull Maritime SWS Mahogany, Taylor 714ce, Fender USA Standard Stratocaster



The Welcome Page covers a summary of my work in the emerging technology/software development space. I will also create a more thorough recap of my decades of experiences as a programmer, architect, manager, executive and co-founder. This page is more about the more personal side of my life. I will put a link here to the work history within a few days.

In the last decade I’ve lived in New England working on technology that spun out of the MIT Media Lab at two different companies. Most recent was 4.5 years at Jibo.

I live in historic and scenic portion of Massachusetts on a gorgeous lake with a state forest on the other side. We live about halfway between Boston and Hartford. I live under 40 miles from where I grew up.

I have been a musician since I was about 5 years old meaning over 50 years! It started with my mother sending me to piano lessons. For even longer I’ve been an enthusiastic fan of music. Early influences were The Beatles (of course), and my dad’s favorites such as Simon and Garfunkel and 50’s rock like Bill Haley and the Comets, the Everly Brothers and Ray Charles. Around age 8 I discovered guitar and by teenage years it dominated my musical interests. Along the way I took violin, saxophone, recorder and many years of vocal training.

In High School I performed in 2 of the schools 3 choirs (skipping the large, lower quality chorus). Incidentally the love of my life, Sue, was in choir with me for 2 years. She tells a story of me bopping into the choir room before class in my bad boy rock and roll duds and sang the Beatles diddy “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road” facing the girls. What a cool thing to be remembered for! She and I dated for about 4 years as teenagers. We went our separate ways and each got married and had kids (well, just one kiddo for me). Then about 22 years later we reconnected and dated long distance 3000 miles apart until my daughter and I moved back to New England so I could be with her. We’ve been together now over 12 years.

Emerging Technologist, Entrepreneur