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Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I am an emerging technologist with three decades experience brining award-winning products to life. My experience spans a wide spectrum of software development. I have current experience in robotics, IoT, microservices architecture, embedded programming, security/privacy/compliance, cloud computing, affective computing, rich media delivery, team building and offshore development. Those are the most recent projects. I’ve also worked on development tools, streaming media/online entertainment, games, desktop software, server, mobile, security/forensics/electronic discovery, systems level programming, virtualization...  I have used my 30 years well and gained experience with many real world problems. Above all else, I’ve learned how to analyze a need and develop products that enhance the life of the user.

I have served as a Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President of Development, Chief Privacy Officer, Director of Emerging Technology, Chief Architect, Staff Software Engineer and the jobs that lead to those positions. A good portion of my career has been as an early employee or co-founder of  startups delivering a disruptive, emerging technology.

Every job has exposed me to difficult and exciting projects. People often tell me I should write a book about my experiences. Since November 2013 I have been at Jibo, an innovative home robotic company co-founded by Cynthia Breazeal of the MIT Media Lab and Jerilyn Asher. I was the seventh employee and one of the first two architects hired by Jibo. My role evolved into Head of Server where I ran server development, DevOps and IT. I also became the company’s Chief Privacy Officer. Currently I am focused on Security, Privacy, Export and compliance along with perfecting the data flow between manufacturing and Jibo information systems. I built teams with both local Boston-based employees and offshore developers in Ukraine.

Prior to Jibo I worked at another startup that spun out of MIT Media Lab in a disruptive emerging technology. The company is Affectiva and the field is affective computing. It was co-founded by MIT Professor Rosalind Picard and MIT researcher Rana el Kaliouby. Rana is now CEO. At Affectiva I was Chief Architect and built the first two versions of the Affdex affective computing platform delivered as a SaaS set of APIs. I also contributed to the wearable Q Sensor that read and recorded electrodermal activity which was then uploaded to a server or local drive to be analyzed.

Life in the emerging technology space continues to be exciting, scary, exhausting and invigorating.  My life is an ongoing adventure in fast moving technology product development. The unifying factor in all my work is I like helping to build products that enhance the lives of users.

As a software development professional with over 30 year experience, I have a passion for learning, innovation, experimentation, and risk taking. For decades I embrace new programming languages, platforms, and architectural patterns. My most recent platform leverages the power of node.js, microservices architecture, continuous integration/deployment, infrastructure as code, strong security and privacy posture and AWS cloud services.

Most recently I enrolled in Coursera’s Stanford-created Machine Learning course taught by Andrew Ng. I’ve worked at companies utilizing machine learning for nearly a decade now but I have never needed to look under the hood to see how the enabling technology works. As machine learning-as-a-service continues to grow in popularity, I want to do some deep learning of my own!

To read about the more personal side of me, please go to the About Me page. There I will talk about dogs, guitars, life and the meaning of life.

I apologize for this old Apple iWeb-based website. I realize I am not utilizing any fancy new technology here. My time goes into my work, my girls (Sue, Jackie, Bella), and my guitars. I should pay more attention to this site since it my own marketing brochure. So my June 2016 resolution is to update this site real soon now.

Pictures from top left clockwise: Rich in backyard fishing. Rich with Bella’s belly exposed for rubbing. The late great former guide dog Amiga jumps for a snowball on the frozen lake from our backyard.

An overdue update to my personal website. It had been neglected for nearly 5 years. That’s a lifetime in the high tech emerging market space. Much more to come.

I will publish blogs both on technical subjects and on other interests such as dogs, guitars, lake living...

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