All about me


About Myself


Twitter: @richsad


Music: Guitar, vocals, production, Rock&Roll

Dogs: former Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy raiser, dog owner/lover

Lake living: Love living on a lake for hiking, fishing (catch and release), kayaking

Technology: Passionate agent of disruptive, emerging technology. My hobby is also my job!



The Welcome Page covers a summary of my work in the emerging technology/software development space. I will also create a more thorough recap of my decades of experiences as a programmer, architect, manager, executive and co-founder. This page is more about the more personal side of my life. I will put a link here to the work history within a few days.

I live in historic Sturbridge, MA on a gorgeous lake with a state forest on the other side. Sturbridge is about the halfway point between Boston and Hartford. Sturbridge is about 40 miles from where I grew up.

I was married to a lovely woman named Cyndi who passed away in 2005. Cyndi, our daughter and I were Guide Dog for the Blind puppy raisers in Oregon. It was Cyndi’s childhood dream to raise guide dog puppies. She fulfilled that dream and saw our first puppy graduate paired with its new human partner. We raised 3 puppies in total. Cyndi passed away while we were raising Amiga, the puppy shown above. In an amazing stroke of good luck I was able to adopt Amiga who lived with my daughter, Sue and I for about 10 years. Amiga passed away from cancer in 2015. Shortly before Amiga died we adopted a rescue named Bella shown in the top left.

I reconnected with my high school sweetheart when we both found ourselves single again. We had not seen each other in about 22 years. We’ve been together ever since. She is the reason I returned to New England after two decades on the west coast.

Emerging Technologist, Entrepreneur